What is PerforManD

PerforManD (Performance Monitoring and Development) is a new performance monitoring system for dinghies and small sailing boats. Its main purpose is to serve as a tool for sailing coaches to aid them in increasing the sailing performance of their sailors.

How does PerforManD work?

Performance assessment during training sessions on smaller boats and dinghies in still depend significantly on the subjective judgment of coaches. Practice evaluation based on scientific methods as it is progressively used in professional sports like football, soccer or formula 1 racing is virtually unheard of in small boat yacht racing. Instrumentation on dinghies is usually restricted to dedicated instrument pairs isolated particular purpose, e.g. wind or position/course. While sailors on board may take advantage from these data, they are not available to a coach responsible for developing the performance of the sailors. In addition a coach would need a complete integrated set of measurement data in order to analyze the performance and aid its development. This kind of instrumentations is nowadays normally only found on bigboats.

To change this, PerforManD incorporates a complete set of miniaturized sensors which are wirelessly connected to a central data aggregation unit. The system features a complete set of nautical instruments (wind, boat speed and heading, position) as well as dynamic sensors measuring the motion of the dinghy with additional audio and video streams for crew observations. The data aggregation unit records the sensor data for later review and simultaneously transmits the data in real-time to a data visualizing unit (e.g. a laptop) onboard the coach boat.

What is PerforManD

This way, the system allows a coach to monitor practice performance of a specific boat, compare the results with other boats and thus helps to enhance the efficiency of practical training sessions. Analysis software is available to support the coach in assessing the performance of the sailors and help them to improve it.

The second mode in which PerforManD may be used is the review mode. In this mode data collected by the data aggregation unit onboard the dinghies during previous practice sessions may be reviewed and compared. Several ways of using the review mode are thinkable:

  • A coach may choose to review practice sessions to draw conclusions regarding success of training sessions which he then presents to the sailors.
  • Coach and crew(s) may review training sessions simultaneously to discuss maneuvers and evaluate performance.
  • A performance analyst can use the review mode to generate debriefing documents to present them to the sailing team. He can also feed performance data regarding training sessions into an external database.

Besides the ability to monitor and display measured boat data, PerforManD also incorporates sophisticated analyzing tools which have been developed to help the coach evaluating the performance of sailors. Among the available analysis methods, a 3D velocity polar plot and a data processing algorithm to obtain velocity polars is of outstanding importance, since it allows assessing performance relative to a target, which can be derived from field tests as well as from theoretical predictions. PerforManD thus is a coaching tool, which aids helps coaches to improve efficiency of sailing training sessions.